Women as key players in climate change adaptation

Publication of Joto Afrika
Joto Africa is co-produced by the Arid Lands Information Network, AfricaAdapt and IDS Knowledge Services.


Gender often dictates who gains and who loses in environmental disasters: where women lack basic rights, more will die from natural disasters than men; where they enjoy equal rights, the death rate is the same. Global debates therefore identify the need to mainstream gender into climate change analysis, particularly as Women provide up to 90 percent of rural poor people’s food and produce 60-80 percent of the food in most developing countries but are insufficiently represented in decision-making processes on climate change.

This issue of JotoAfrika provides case studies and succcess stories from research to showcase gender analysis and representation in the context of adaptation to climate change.

Specifically, the issue discusses:

* How to include women in adaptation processes
* Women adapting in southern Togo
* Cameroonian women taking the lead in climate change adaptation
* How gender affects vulnerability to climate change in rural Namibia
* Changing gender roles due to climate change in northern Kenya

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