The Power of the Women’s Movement: A Case Study from Indonesia

In the lead up to the Women Deliver 2019 Conference, CowaterSogema is hosting a side event, featuring stories from our projects' leaders. The Program MAMPU - BaKTI Program Manager presented the experience of encouraging the replication of Participatory Recess for members of parliament in Indonesia at the Women Deliver 2019 Cowater Sogema's side event in Vancouver B, today, June 2, 2019. 



Participatory Recess is an effective method of meeting between parliamentarians and their constituents, especially women, persons with disabilities and other marginal groups. Through the Participatory Recess method the constituents convey their aspirations, needs, and problems and these are important information for parliamentarians in carrying out their functions in terms of legislation, budgeting and supervision. Since 2016 Program MAMPU - BaKTI introduced the Participatory Recess method for women parliamentarians in 7 districts and cities in Indonesia with support from DFAT Australia through Cowater Sogema. Combined with other capacity development activities under the Program MAMPU scheme, parliamentarians who implement Participatory Recess method have succeeded in generating gender responsive and inclusive regional regulation budgets

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