Gender Equality and Progress in Societies (Summary Record)

Organised jointly by UNESCO and the OECD Development Centre, this International Workshop on “Gender Equality and Progress in Societies” is an opportunity to consider gender equality from a broader perspective while addressing its inherent socio-cultural-economic implications. The main goal of this International Workshop will be to develop a common understanding of better ways to measure and address remaining gaps in gender equality, seen from a dynamic and participatory angle.


Over 200 policymakers, academics, NGO and private sector representatives came together to debate and discuss how to overcome the challenges related to advancing gender equality and progress in societies at an international workshop co-organised by the OECD Development Centre and UNESCO in Paris on 12 March 2010. As reflected in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), gender equality is an important facet of progress. However, measuring its status and tracking its progress remains a difficult undertaking, and discriminatory practices and traditions frequently block the implementation of laws and policies designed to uphold women’s rights. Although some positive changes are visible, not enough progress is being made to advance women’s rights and gender equality in the social, political and economic spheres.

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