DOCS BY THE SEA 2018 Calls for Projects

Calls for Projects

DOCS BY THE SEA is calling for brave, innovative, and most compelling documentary projects of all forms from Southeast Asian documentary filmmakers. Investigative, creative, experimental, animated, and trans-media documentaries are all accepted. Location and theme of the documentaries are not limited. We are interested in accepting the most fresh, unique, engaging, and never-seen-before works. They can be in development, production, post-production, or post-completion stage.

Twenty projects will be selected and the filmmakers will be invited to attend Storytelling Lab & Editing Lab as well as a slot to pitch in front of 30+ decision makers. Get funding, distribution, mentorship, feedback, co-production, partnership and many more exciting opportunities from key industry experts like Tribeca Film Institute, IDFA Bertha Fund, STEPS, Rough Cut Service, and many others. Applications are free and partial travel expenses are covered for filmmakers from ASEAN countries.


Submission Deadline: April 13th, 2018

Docs by the Sea Storytelling Lab & Editing Lab: August 2nd - 5th, 2018

Docs by the Sea Pitching Forum: August 7th - 9th, 2018


Docs By The Sea 2018 is open for Southeast Asian filmmakers. Applicants are required to be a Southeast Asian passport holder to be eligible to submit and participate at Docs by the Sea 2018. Previous participants of Docs by the Sea are allowed to apply with new projects. Participants with projects that have been submitted in 2017 but didnt pass the selection process can reapply the projects in the case that further development/research has taken place and proven by an improved proposal.

Project Categories

a. To be identified as an Indonesian project, at least one producer or one director of the film is a citizen of Indonesia, proven by nationality in their passport / KTP. Proof of citizenship is required to be submitted upon selection.

b. To be identified as a Southeast Asian project, at least one producer or one director of the film is a citizen of Southeast Asian nations; Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, and East Timor.

c. Citizens of non-Southeast Asian nations who reside in Southeast Asia can only qualify as producing a Southeast Asian project if one producer or director role of the project is held by a Southeast Asian national.


Filmmakers whose projects are selected to pitch at Docs By The Sea will receive partial travel grants. Please check out the terms and conditions of the travel grant:

1. For Indonesian projects, only key personnel (producer and director) with an Indonesian citizenship can obtain roundtrip flights within Indonesia.

2. Indonesian filmmakers who do not reside in Indonesia cannot obtain roundtrip flights from and to a country outside Indonesia.

3. For Southeast Asian projects, only key personnel (producer/director) with a citizenship from Southeast Asian nation proven by a passport can obtain roundtrip flights. The travel grant only covers flights that originate from a Southeast Asian countries and return to a Southeast Asian countries.

4. Southeast Asian filmmakers who reside outside Southeast Asia cannot obtain travel grants.

5. Travel grants to purchase flights cannot be transferred to filmmakers as cash. Flight bookings will have to be done by Docs By The Sea.

6. Docs By The Sea can only provide economy flights.

7. Filmmakers who have accepted the itinerary provided by Docs By The Sea cannot request for a change. Changes in itinerary have to be conducted by filmmakers themselves. Filmmakers are responsible to cover all penalty or other costs related to the changes.

8. Once flights have been purchased, filmmakers are not allowed to cancel their trip to Docs By The Sea. Filmmakers have to return the cost of flight shown in the invoice to Docs By The Sea, if they decide to cancel their attendance at Docs By The Sea for any reasons.

9. If the amount of travel grant that Docs By The Sea secures is not enough to cover all travel expenses from selected participants, the grant may only cover partial expenses.

10. Docs By The Sea reserves the right to refuse travel grants requests for reasons that are not disclosed to applicants.



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