BANGGA PAPUA: Immediate Vacancy Communication Specialist

Communication Specialist  


Papua Provincial Government, supported by KOMPAK and MAHKOTA, has designed and will implement a universal child grant program – Bangun Generasi dan Keluarga Papua Sejahtera (BANGGA PAPUA). The universal child grant program will provide support to children during the first 1000 days of life, which is a critical period in a child’s development. The grant can be used to support better nutrition and health and improve overall development outcomes for children. In the other side, this program also aims to improve family income. To achieve these objectives, Papua Provincial Government will transfer certain amount of cash to families who have children aged under 4 years old. The program will be funded through the province’s Special Autonomy Fund, and will be piloted in 2018 in the districts of Asmat, Paniai and Lanny Jaya. The program will be rolled out to other districts in stages from 2019 to 2021.

As a part of KOMPAK supports to BANGGA Papua, KOMPAK is collaborating with Yayasan BaKTI to support the strategic communication component of the program. From December 2017 – March 2018, KOMPAK – BaKTI will support Papua Provincial Government to prepare the program’s communication strategy, communication materials and capacity building on communications to members of joint secretariats at province and district levels


To support program implementation, BANGGA PAPUA needs a short term consultant - Communication Specialist to ensure preparation and implementation as well as monitoring of the program’s communication strategy.

The communication strategy should be developed under solid understanding of local context of Papua province in general and the diversity among one kabupaten to another. The communication strategy should include communication aspects of BANGGA PAPUA program before and after payment made to the community.

Through communication efforts, it is expected that all beneficiaries and stakeholders of BANGGA PAPUA understand their roles and responsibilities in program implementation and provide their support to program implementation in achieving its aims and objectives.

Communication Specialist will work under supervision of BANGGA Papua Team Leader and in close collaboration with KOMPAK, MAHKOTA and BaKTI team in the field. He/she will be supported by a team consisting of communication assistants, visual communication consultants, photographers, and writers 


1. Develop BANGGA Papua communication strategy that includes communication aspects of the program before and after payment made to the community through:

a. Communication related-data collection from the field through interview, focus group discussion and photo stock-taking.

b. Preparation and consultation of communication strategy with joint secretariat members, KOMPAK, MAHKOTA and BaKTI.

2. Ensure the development of BANGGA Papua communication materials through:

a. Ensuring development of audio and visual materials which appropriate to Papua context.

b. Preparation of press releases and other written communication materials.

c. Working in close coordination with the province’s Joint Secretariat on all materials and other communication media.

3. Ensure capacity building of joint secretariats at provincial and district levels in communications through:

a. Preparation of communications training modules.

b. Deliver communication trainings for members of joint secretariat at provincial and district level.

4. Monitor the implementation of BANGGA Papua communication strategy implementation and suggest adjustments where required



1. Implementation strategy and work plan (2nd week of December 2017)

2. BANGGA Papua Communication Strategy (1st draft on 1st week of February 2018, final draft on 4th week of February 2018)

3. BANGGA Papua communication materials (3rd week of Jan to 3rd week of Feb 2018)

4. BANGGA Papua infographic and videographic (4th week of February 2018)

5. Communication training modules (4th week of February 2018).

6. Training to joint secretariat members on BANGGA Papua communications (2nd week of March 2018).

7. Input to BANGGA Papua communication strategy implementation (March 2018).



Communication Coordinator is expected to start immediately. Contract duration is up to 60 working days to March 2018. Extendable based on performance evaluation and program needs.



Communication Coordinator will report on monthly basis to:

1. Director of KOMPAK

2. Director of Yayasan BaKTI

3. Team Leader of BANGGA Papua 

The Coordinator will also prepare on request basis report(s) from the above Directors and Team Leader as required.



1. Master Degree in communication or other relevant studies with minimum three years of relevant experiences or; Bachelor degree in communication or other relevant studies with minimum seven years of relevant experiences;

2. Experiences in supporting or preparing program communication strategy.

3. Experiences in deliveries of good quality publication materials.

4. Experiences in preparing communication modules and deliver the training.

5. Experiences in supporting local government for program implementation.

6. Understand Papua development context.

7. Proven ability to deliver high quality outputs on time.

8. Excellent communication skills in Bahasa Indonesia and English as well as well-developed interpersonal skills.

9. Self-motivated and able to work with minimum supervision.

10. Good team player.



Communication Coordinator will be stationed in Makassar or Jayapura or Jakarta (will be negotiated with candidate), with travels to Paniai, Asmat and Lanny Jaya.



As part of the covering letter, applicants will need to provide and update CV (max. 3 pages) with at least 2 professional referees.

Only shortlisted Applicants will be notified. 

Please include job Title in email subject.  

Application Submission via email to before 8 December 2017.