Project Profile

Improving Public Service Delivery

Jangka Waktu Project:
October 2010 to February 2015
Organisasi Pendana:
Lembaga Mitra:
  • RTI International
Project Sektor:
Tata Pemerintahan
Wilayah Kerja:
Papua, Sulawesi Selatan
Kontak Detail:

"Office Address:
Gedung Graha Pena Lt.9, Kav. 905, JL. Urip Sumoharjo No. 20.
Makassar 90234

Povincial Coodinator : Herry Susanto

Project Summary:

USAID has been a key supporter of strengthened decentralization and improved local governance in Indonesia for almost a decade. Kinerja – from an Indonesian word for performance – will build on the successes and lessons-learned from the agency’s recently concluded, $62 million, Local Governance Support Program (LGSP) by partnering with the Government of Indonesia to improve the delivery of public services by Indonesian local governments. A more effective and efficient delivery of public services in targeted areas of Indonesia will improve citizen welfare and overall quality of life – goals at the center of the US-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership.
Program Focus

To improve service delivery, Kinerja will:

1. Work with local governments to create new or strengthen existing incentive systems intended to enhance performance;
2. Assist local governments to develop, test and implement innovative solutions to identified gaps in and obstacles to better service delivery; and
3. Build the capacity of Indonesian intermediary organizations to promote the adoption of best practice service delivery approaches in other areas of Indonesia.

Kinerja will work in four provinces jointly identified by the Government of Indonesia and USAID – Aceh, East Java, South Sulawesi and West Kalimantan. Given that local public services are planned, funded and managed at the district/city level, five to seven districts and/or cities within each of the four provinces will be targeted for assistance bringing the total number of assisted jurisdictions to 20 districts/cities. The Mayor (Walikota) of each targeted city or the Regent (Bupati) of each targeted district will lead a consultative process with key stakeholders to prioritize which public services within the areas of health, education, and the business enabling environment will be selected for improved delivery. Improved health, education and local economic development services are the key needs most often cited by the Indonesian public