Project Profile

Environmental Governance and Sustainable Livelihoods Program

Jangka Waktu Project:
January 2008 to December 2015
Organisasi Pendana:
  • DFATD Canada
Pemerintah Mitra:
Lembaga Mitra:
  • Canada company SNC-LAVALIN/HYDROSULT
Project Sektor:
Tata Pemerintahan
Wilayah Kerja:
Gorontalo, Sulawesi Tenggara
Anggaran Project:
$Can 19.6 million
Kontak Detail:

Noel Millson 

Project Summary:

Using an integrated eco-systemic approach, the program will work on selected watersheds in several provinces of Sulawesi. Within each targeted watershed/ecosystem, the program will focus on particular clusters of communities. The program will work simultaneously at the district and watershed level and at the village level seeking, over time to create awareness of shared stakes and linkages of consultation, participation amd accountability between the two levels.
The Program will seek to create policy lingkages connecting successful localized experience and innovation to higher level policy and decision making. The program's activities will be balanced between those directed at the physical, technical, management and practical utilization aspecs of natural resources use on one hand and those concerning the legal, institutional, and process aspects of natural resource and environmental governance on the other hand.
Goal/Purpose :
* To assist Indonesia in the creation and protection of sustainable livelihoods through equitable access to, and sustainable management of, natural resources and the environment;
* To improve environmental and natural resources governance in selected watershed in SUlawesi and demonstrate negotiated and sustainable solutions