Call for Papers: The 2nd International Conference on Global STS

The 2nd International Conference on Global STS (GlobalSTS 2.0) is a sequel to its first one held at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in March 2014. It was organized in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of NTU’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences. To follow up the success of the 2014 meeting, GlobalSTS 2.0 aims to extend the exchanges of scholarly works of STS researchers around the world that emphasize transnational dimensions of science, technology, and society. In its inception, GlobalSTS was prompted by concerns that while STS has succeeded in elucidating much of the minute sociological structure of technoscience, it has paid less attention to how science and technology is constituted across and between multiple centers and multiple locales.

The main theme of GlobalSTS 2.0 is “Between the Land and the Sea: Knowledge Transformation and New Knowledge Production.” This theme deliberately emphasis the changing nature of our environment that is affecting human lives around the world. It is particularly poignant in the context of maritime society in the archipelago. The theme resonates to many issues that individuals, communities, and institutions are facing today. It calls for new production of knowledge as a response to the challenges in all aspects of our life. Sub-themes include, but not limited to:

  • Sustainability Governance
  • Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Social Changes and Green Development
  • Climate Change and the Anthropocene
  • Disaster and Resilience
  • Cities and Urban Transitions
  • Medical and public health
  • Digital systems and big data.
  • Energy politics

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