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ANU Indonesia Project Research Travel Grant

The Indonesia Project Research Travel Grant will assist students who plan to undertake research or are currently undertaking research for which they will benefit from travel to Indonesia.
The grant will be awarded to outstanding applicants who can demonstrate that travelling to Indonesia will contribute to their research on Indonesia.


The hopeful meet the experienced at INSPIRASI 2019 selections

Laila and Michael have just returned from Indonesia where we met 28 potential young leaders, from an application list of 309! The selections are now being finalised - more info soon!

Both our 2018 group and many of those we interviewed this year have been in touch to express condolences to Aotearoa in the wake the of the mosque attack last Friday, saying this was not the New Zealand they felt they had been welcomed into so fully.

Applications Open for the 2019 English Language Training Assistance

Program English Language Training Assistance (ELTA, atau program Bantuan Pelatihan Bahasa Inggris) dirancang untuk menunjang para pendaftar yang memenuhi kriteria beasiswa namun memiliki tingkat kemahiran bahasa Inggris di bawah persyaratan minimal IELTS 5,0 untuk pendaftaran Australia Awards Scholarships.

Research Opportunity on MNH Financing at Facility and Local Government Levels

Health Policy Plus project (HP+), in partnership with Pusat Pembiayaan dan Jaminan Kesehatan (PPJK) in Indonesia, is conducting a research study on maternal and neonatal health financing in the country and seeks to identify and contract a local data collection firm (hereinafter referred to as “Contractor”).

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