Yunus&Youth Global Fellowship Program for Social Entrepreneurs 2019

Apply now for the Yunus&Youth Global Fellowship Program for Social Business Entrepreneurs. They are excited to have you join them to become a part of a growing community of young social business leaders that are leveraging their skills, experiences, and the Yunus&Youth ecosystem to further the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda.

The Yunus&Youth Fellowship Program 2018 supported 34 amazing young people from 20 different nationalities working on innovative solutions on the SDGs. In 2019, they will continue the momentum with talented people like yourself becoming part of the incredible community.

The Y&Y Fellowship Program is a six-month online program that empowers young social entrepreneurs to develop their full potential. They help to strengthen business models, build compelling strategies for social ventures and expand professional networks.

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What is the Y&Y Fellowship Program composed of?

Mentoring: a structured one-to-one relationship with an experienced professional which involves the transmission of knowledge, social capital and guidance that enhance the fellow’s professional growth.
Online Platform: a 6-month course in social business development. The
step-by-step curriculum ensures that by the end, they will be ready to pitch to
potential investors.
Support Network: a system that facilitates the connection to like-minded
professionals worldwide.
Yunus&Youth exists to make the challenge of social entrepreneurship easier. Y&Y was inspired by the work of Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus and his belief that companies and entrepreneurs can engage in business models that create real, sustainable social impact. People around the world struggle with social problems: some lack access to safe drinking water while others struggle with unemployment or insufficient health services (to name a few). Here is where social business comes in. These early stage start-ups drive social change because their founders are close to the problems they’re solving and the communities they’re helping. Like GreenChar in Kenya, where Y&Y Fellow Yina sells affordable charcoal briquettes that reduce the risk of contracting respiratory illnesses. Or Bella Handmade Jewelry, founded by Y&Y Fellow Walaa, which offers employment opportunities to women in refugee camps in Palestine. What makes social businesses unique is that they are for-profit, but they’re not profit-driven—they’re driven by their vision to improve society.

They know that social businesses have the power to improve communities and change the world. But we also know that successfully combining business skills, financial sustainability, and social impact is hard. That is why Y&Y exists. Y&Y started when a group of people from around the world came together in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to connect with leaders in social business. That’s where they saw a huge potential: What if the current generation of business leaders shared what they know with the next generation of social entrepreneurs? A funny thing happens when ambitious young people declare they need help shaping the future. People help. Since that conference in Malaysia, the Y&Y network and team has grown—and it keeps getting bigger.

Be a part of an individually tailored online mentoring program with an experienced mentor who will provide professional guidance;
Participate in expert webinars with our social business professionals;
Increase your global network by being part of a global class of exclusively
selected young social entrepreneurs;
Receive support on focus areas and see your business grow and be taken to the next level.
Have started a social business and are relentlessly working on solving a social issue in your country;
Under 35 years old;
Have excellent English oral and written communication skills;
Want to receive professional guidance to help your business grow and
Eligible Regions: Open for All


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