Writers Story 2018: The Story of Us

WRITERS’ SERIES is an annual event presented by The Jakarta Post Writing Center which aims to provide a platform for educators, thinkers, innovators, journalists, activists, writers, branding experts and business professionals to come together and talk about the evolution of stories and storytelling as part of our communication strategy in these modern times.

We realize there is a significant gap between the stories we tell other people and those we tell ourselves. Sometimes, the gap is natural, even necessary; but mostly, the gap exists because there are unmet expectations. We believe stories can minimize that gap by crafting a well-curated content whether it be in the form of a speech, a book, a blog, a website, a company profile, a press release, or a branding campaign.

Our speakers are writers working in various trades and disciplines; and between them there is a wealth of insights and experiences which point toward the process of creating great narratives.

But this isn’t a conference where people sit and talk about what they’re good at; and, instead, this is a conference where people sit, stand and gesture and share with you about the things that move them. The stories that empower, enlighten and enable us all to work together as a global community.

Join the discussions and mark your calendar on SATURDAY, MAY 5 2018 from 9am until 5pm. The event is FREE, but you need to register to participate.

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