Diagnostic Test to Increase Community Participation in Improving Learning Outcomes in Indonesia’s Remote Primary Schools : Quick Test (Indonesian-Malay)

Tes Cepat is an adaptive student learning assessment instrument, which can be administered by parents and community members to provide a low-stakes and frequent means to benchmark student aptitude. Individual results are mapped against learning continuum and presented in a simple graph to make learning outcomes comprehensible to citizens. The test is administered to students in primary grade 1 through 6. Six students are selected randomly from each grade. A total of 36 students are tested from each school. The test serves as a shortened and quick version of KIAT Guru’s student learning assessment (SLA) for basic primary grade reading and math competencies. The test results allow education stakeholders to immediately compare learning outcomes in each grade level of a primary school with national standards. In KIAT Guru, the test results became the foundation for collective action between teachers, parents, community, and stakeholders to support learning at school and at home.