Background Paper Student Learning Assessment: A Tool to Measure Primary Grade Student LearningOutcomes in Indonesia’s Remote Areas

Learning outcomes of students in remote areas of Indonesia are behind their urban peers. To evaluate KIAT Guru’s impact on learning outcomes the authors developed a student learning assessment (SLA) tool. SLA assesses basic reading and math competencies in all six primary grades, based on the national curriculum and international framework for reading and math. Compared to aforementioned assessment tools, SLA offers some new features: (a) covers early and late primary grades, (b) vertical continuity across grades to inform whether a student’s ability is within the range of their current grade, and (c) contextualized to remote area settings. This background paper aims to document the development, implementation, and scoring or analysis of the SLA for KIAT Guru pilot. The paper is organized as follows: section one gives introduction. Section two discusses the framework of the test, while section 3, 4, and 5 describes the development and finalization of test design and item statistics, and the paper concludes with section six.