Future of Work Workshop

Disruption is the norm today. We’ve seen how it has given rise to the gig economy, nomadic entrepreneurs and corporate innovation labs. Given that the speed of disruption is only going to get faster, how can we anticipate and be adequately prepared for the future of work, workers and workplaces?

Impact Hub Jakarta and Sustainable Living Lab proudly present


Conference SLICES, COLONI SDGs Indonesia

Dalam upaya mencapai tujuan pembangunan berkelanjutan, partisipasi aktif dari berbagai kelompok masyarakat di tingkat lokal diakui sebagai kontributor yang sangat penting. Kontribusi dari berbagai kelompok masyarakat akan menjadi suatu catatan penting dalam laporan capaian target pembangunan berkelanjutan.
Dalam rangka berbagi pengalaman, mengumpulkan dan mempublikasikan Cerita Perubahan dari berbagai inisiatif lokal yang dilakukan masyarakat untuk pembangunan berkelanjutan, ​

The Toyota Foundation Research Grant Program 2018

The main topic of Research Grant Program 2018, titled “Exploring New Values for Society”, supports ambitious projects that adopt a panoramic view of the world and look generations into the future in order to seek new values for society by fundamentally exploring novel philosophies and arts to address difficult issues to be faced by future society; issues that are on a global scale; issues that transcend generations; and nascent problems that will only fully manifest themselves in the future.

Blue Carbon Summit 2018

Blue carbon includes carbon stored in open ocean carbon pools. The dynamics are controlled by global ocean currents and weather circulation patterns and are affected by direct and indirect human interventions in marine and coastal ecosystems. Increasing sea surface temperatures have significantly affected thermohaline and associated temperature-dependent biota. This will impose significant challenges for Indonesia as a maritime country with vast resources.

The CLA Case Competition

  1. Is your organization creating a learning culture?
  2. Do you pause and reflect?
  3. Have you implemented evaluation recommendations?
  4. Are you collaborating with local partners to build self-reliance?
    If so, we want to hear about it, and about other ways you’re collaborating, learning and adapting for better development results! Enter the 2018 Collaborating, Learning and Adapting Case Competition.

External Auditor for BaKTI Foundation

BaKTI Foundation is seeking for External Auditor.

Send your Proposal stated your organizational qualification and Experience before 6 May 2018 by email to:  

Click the following link for Scope of Services and more detailed information.

The highest score of the proposal will be awarded contract based on final negotiation.